Mind Maps

Discussion & video activity

Mind-maps were created by Tony Buzan, a memory expert. The basic principle is that the mind dislikes linear note taking. In mind maps we start in the centre of the page with related ideas branching out in all directions. They can be a great technique for language learners.

 Watch and discuss the clip How To Mind Map by Celia Gates

  • What do you think?
  • How would you use mind maps for learning English?
  • Would it work for grammar, vocabulary, speaking...?
Length: 4.24 min.
Source: https://vimeo.com/31965753

How To Mind Map from Celia Gates on Vimeo.

Imagine building “vocabulary networks”. This involves writing a single word or a  theme in the centre of the page and linking words that go with it. For example, you can start with the word WORK, and branch out terms like: employee, employer, staff, boss, chief, work for, at, candidate, interview, application, etc.  Include all the related words you can think of and use a dictionary to help you. Mind-maps are even more effective if you add little drawings and lots of colour.

Now that you have learned the technique, try building a few mind maps of your own!

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