The Mind Issue - Solutions

Mind over matter: Can you think your way to strength?
a)F (4 weeks)  b)F   c)F   d)F   e)NIP  f)T

Mind Idioms
1. p's and q's   2. business   3. its own   4. in the back   5. in two minds   6. of our minds    7. Make   8. peace of   9. blowed my   10. Never   11. his mind   12. put our minds 13. in your right   14. speaking my  15. state of mind   16. out of our   17. changed my   18. gets a load off   19. out of sight,   20. bear/keep  21. slipped

How books can open your mind
As a young girl in the 1970’s
Her parents wanted Lisa to become an engineer like them.
A safe and well-paid job was one sure way to happiness
However, Lisa had a dream to become an opera singer
At 15, she realized she was too old
She came to the U.S. in 1995
learning about honoring her parents
and her favorite books in two languages.
Books have given her a way to connect with people
She discovered that coming true was not the only purpose of a dream

Mind Reading
a)T   b)T  c)F  d)F  e)F  f)T  g)T  h)T  i)T

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